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The Wissmann Group was founded in Jerusalem in 1932 by the late Mr. Leo Wissmann, an artist carpenter who immigrated to Israel from Germany as an idealistic Zionist, together with his wife, Mrs. Yehudit Wissmann.

The activities of the company began in 1932 in a small workshop in Jerusalem. It developed over the years, from the production of personal and prestigious furniture to the Jerusalem clientele , and later began producing furniture for public figures, leaders and various institutions of the highest rank in the Jewish community in Israel.

In time, the two sons of Leo, Arie and Nachum Wissmann joined the company and through their leadership, the company grew into an innovative, efficient and high-quality enterprise.  This was done by executing large projects in the field of production for the business and institutional market, together with the development of retail activity for the Jerusalem market under the name "Wissmann Furniture"

Today, more than 88 years since its establishment, the Group has been engaged in a number of activities that are affecting the furniture market in Israel. Together with the Wissmann third generation, and a dedicated team of more than 180 employees, Nahum and Arie are leading one of the most recognized and successful furniture companies in the Israeli market.

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