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Shomrat Hazorea is a well-established furniture retailer with a broad range of offerings and a widespread presence across Israel. With 25 home furniture categories, 9 branches, and an
E-commerce advanced website, customers across the country can choose from a diverse selection of furniture for their homes.


Shomrat Hazorea's nationwide network provides customers with the convenience of shopping for furniture at multiple locations and the ability to easily find and purchase the pieces they need. Shomrat Hazorea is a great option for customers in Israel who are looking for high-quality furniture and excellent service.

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Business & Projects

Shomrat Hazorea Business & Projects is a company dedicated to the field of contract, institutional and office furniture in Israel. With decades of experience, the company has established a strong reputation for providing high-quality and diverse solutions to its customers across various fields, such as furniture for hospitals, clinics, offices, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, and more.

The company is a business partner with manufacturers in Israel and also imports products from leading companies around the world, thus ensuring that they can offer a wide range of products to their clients. The fact that the company has carried out a large number of projects in various fields and has worked with leading companies and organizations is a testament to their expertise and quality of service.

The company is flexible in production, provides great value, and pays attention to quality so that its clients receive the best possible solutions tailored to their specific needs.


Furniture wholesale marketing

Wissmann Import & Furniture Marketing focuses on locating and importing quality furniture from 15 countries across the globe. The company has a talented professional team that also designs custom furniture for manufacture abroad. Every day the company strives to develop and locate high-quality products and from the most contemporary manufacturers.

The company's unique collections are distributed wholesale among dozens of stores. The range of furniture includes dining tables, chairs, wardrobes, armchairs, seating systems, complementary furniture, and more.

The furniture stores that chose to contract with Wissmann Import & Furniture Marketing benefit from the group's services end to end, including marketing material, storage and distribution service, and customer service.

The company is a recognized supplier for the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel and has an ISO 9001-2000
quality management system certification from the Standards Institute.


Wissmann Showroom Jerusalem

This is Wissmann's oldest retail location, operating since 1932, as well as the largest furniture store in Jerusalem with an exhibition area of about 3,000 sq. m. The store offers end-to-end furniture solutions for Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

The company maintains its position as the leading Jerusalem furniture brand in design, quality, and knowledge. The company has an extensive experience in upholstery and wood furniture.

Buying at Wissmann Showroom in Jerusalem gives the customer a unique shopping experience while providing excellent service and professional knowledge.


Children's furniture brand

Ein Harod Furniture is a specialized brand under the Wissmann Holdings Group that focuses on children and youth furniture. Ein Harod designs and offers perfect open beds for young children with drawers for storage and safety bars. The collection offers youth sofas and bunk beds.

Ein Harod Furniture is committed to designing youth-oriented, modern furniture and offers a variety of products adapted to customers' needs while maintaining quality and meticulous finishing down to the smallest detail.

Ein Harod furniture is dedicated to creating functional and stylish furniture for children and youth while ensuring that quality and safety standards are maintained in order to provide the best possible products to the young generation.


baby furniture brand

Miskal furniture is designed specifically for babies from birth through early childhood. The company offers a range of cribs, baby clothes storage dressers, and safety mattresses so that both the baby and the parents can have a safe and good night's sleep.

Miskal brand furniture takes the needs of babies and parents into consideration, providing functional and safe solutions for newborns. Miskal's wide range of cribs in different designs offers parents options that fit their personal style and home décor. Additionally, the baby clothes storage dressers are practical and convenient addition, providing a designated space to store baby clothes and accessories.


international furniture Trends

Wissmann International has extensive experience in furniture sourcing, development, design, manufacturing, quality control, financing, and supply chain solutions for wholesalers worldwide. The company has a deep understanding of the furniture industry and is able to provide comprehensive services to its clients.

Wissmann International has strong and proven experience with more than 80  modern and reliable manufacturers in Europe and the Far East. The company has a wide network of suppliers and offers a diverse range of products to its customers. The company connects manufacturers, wholesalers, and buyers on a global level.

Wissmann International also has expertise in large wooden dining tables, especially with multi and hidden extensions.

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