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The industrial CENTER 

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The huge WISSMANN HOLDINGS CHAIR, located at the entrance of the industrial center
is 5 meters high, 1.5 tons weight, and is made 100% of old oak

The Wissmann Holdings industrial center located in Bar-Lev Industrial Park is  7,700 sq meters, 14 meters high, and can store up to 250 containers. It also has a professional studio for picture and video production.


The center is equipped with advanced management software designed by a Greek company, which is adapted to the needs of the supply chain and the management of production and operational activities.


The building is also equipped with advanced transportation tools, including tower forklifts imported from Germany, which move on a precise concrete surface and reach a height of up to 14 m. There are various activity areas in the industrial center, including a production and assembly activity hall, an upholstery hall, storage halls, a Wissmann museum, a professional furniture photography studio for optimal illustration for the group's customers, as well as a special area dedicated to the group's fleet of trucks that distribute furniture to stores and chains throughout the country.

With our fleet of 20 trucks, operating 6 days a week, we cover all of Israel (97%) except the far south. The center supports all the group's brands, including the long and well-established furniture chain"Somrat Hazorea", the children's furniture chain "Ein Harod", the baby furniture brand "Mishkal", the "Wissmann Imports and Marketing" furniture company, "Somrat Hazorea Business Projects" and more.

The center was established out of  Wissmann Holdings' need to serve all the group's companies in a regular and highly professional manner. The center helps Wissmann Holdings plan and maintain its vision for the future, anticipate further developments, and provide quick and high-quality responses to the new generation of customers who are accustomed to online purchases and immediate delivery.


The size and design, of the building, its use of advanced management software and innovative equipment, and a larger workforce take Wissman Holdings to a new era.


Watch This Video about our industrial CENTER in the beautiful north of israel

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